Managing AML/KYC Compliance Risk

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  • Apr 25, 2018 (Recording)
  • 60 minutes

This training program will examine how to manage the AML/KYC compliance risk, which is a critical element in a robust BSA/AML compliance program. It will also explore customer identification and on-boarding and CDD/EDD/on-going risk-based monitoring.

Key Objective

This webinar will explore why gathering the required information for the Customer Identification Program is a good start, but knowing what the customer plans to do with the account and actually does with it is also critical to managing customer risk.

Topics Covered

  • KYC: What the Law Requires
  • Customer Identification and On-boarding
  • The Customer BSA/AML Risk Assessment
  • CDD/EDD/On-going Risk-Based Monitoring
  • The Customer Activity Profile
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • If the Customer is Laundering/Financing Terrorists

Your Expert Instructor

William Schlameuss has over 20 years’ experience in regulatory compliance, including BSA/AML/OFAC. He has worked with a wide range of US branches of major foreign banking organizations from all continents, both as chief compliance officer and compliance consultant. He has a prior background in IT as manager and implementer of core banking and payment systems, as well as compliance-related systems. 

Managing AML/KYC Compliance Risk

Recorded version - $249.00


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