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Today much of the work we do involves computers, whether it is in the warehouse or in the accounting department. And just like any other type of equipment, we need to know what potential problems may be involved in working with computers as well as how to use computers safely. In this course we will review the safe use of computers, and offer practical solutions to many potential problems.

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California has progressively led state-mandated sexual harassment training requirements for private-sector employers. Companies with 50 or more employees are required by law to provide two hours of sexual harassment prevention training to all supervisors in California within six months from the date they were hired or promoted, as well as every two years thereafter. Ensure your company stays compliant with this course in California Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors.

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Machinery comes in many sizes and shapes, and it can present many different types of hazards. Each year thousands of employees across the country are injured by the machines they are most familiar with... and which they believe are safe. The risk of accidents from powered machinery is so great OSHA estimates that lack of machine guarding is the second most frequent safety violation in industry today. This course is designed to help employees understand the dangers of working with machinery... and how those risks can be minimized by proper installation and use of safety guards and devices.

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Employees may never need a safety shower or an eye wash, but if they do, knowing where they are located, and the proper procedures for using them, can prevent serious injury or possibly even save a life. This course reviews the correct ways to use this equipment, and emphasize the need for quick action after a chemical splash or spill in a laboratory.

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