Discovery Questions

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  • Nov 29, 2016 (Recording)
  • 75 minutes

Transform your business conversation! Well-executed discovery questions build your credibility and help you become a trusted advisor to your customer. This web training is for sales and marketing executives is presented in three sections to help you rapidly grasp and reinforce your discovery question skills.

The How and Why of Discovery Questions Discovery questions are intentional, targeted questions that aim to build credibility and gain insight into a prospect’s organization. They are essential to the modern complex B2B sale. You will learn: When to use discovery questions 3 key qualities of sophisticated discovery questions 4 key outcomes supported by discovery questions

4 Question-Asking Tactics How you ask the question matters. When do you use an open question? When is it better to ask a closed question? Each SPOTS question type may be asked using different tactics. Explore the four question-asking tactics and how they are used in different situations Identify the purpose of each question-asking tactic Discover how to create discovery questions that encourage prospects to provide key insights

Learning Objectives

5 SPOTS to Guide You

  1. There are five types of discovery questions: Scene-setting, Priority, Opportunity or problem, Trial-close, and Success metric.
  2. Discover when and how to use each type of discovery question.
  3. Explore how to transform good discovery questions into excellent, sophisticated questions.

You Also Receive

  • 1.25 continuing education credit hours (as applicable)
  • Personal answers tailored to your questions and situations
  • Attend from office, home or mobile device

Your Avant Expert

Anthony Signorelli, president of Signorelli Consulting Group, is an award-winning speaker, author and consultant to some of America's largest companies including Medtronic, Thomson Reuters and Emerson Electric. He specializes in transforming sales processes and training sales executives on how to succeed in the complex, solutions-driven world of B2B sales. His awards include documentation and training design from the Society for Technical Communications.

Discovery Questions

Recording - $199.00


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