Effective Business Writing

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  • Jun 14, 2017 (Recording)
  • 75 minutes

Good writing is essential to the success of a business even though “good writing skills” aren’t listed as part of an employee’s job description. The ability to write well is an important part of communication regardless of what level of hierarchy you are at in an organization. It is necessary to know the most effective ways to communicate internally and externally to get your message across. You can communicate more strategically by determining the goal of your message and making it appropriate for your audience. In this training you will learn ways to improve your writing by getting to the point, using appropriate words, organizing your thoughts and communicating in a way that builds trust, respect and connections with others.

The truth is, good business writing starts with carefully crafted messages that aren't full of misspellings, misused words and inaccuracies. The benefits of becoming a good business writer are many. You will find it easier to communicate your thoughts and gain team member buy-in.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain how to communicate more effectively with different generations
  • Describe tips for effective writing
  • Explain how to organize their thoughts and write an outline
  • Describe how to write effective emails to internal and external staff
  • Explain how to write announcements and meeting agendas
  • Demonstrate how to write a Business or an Informal letter
  • Describe how to write a Proposal
  • Demonstrate how to write a Strategic Plan
  • Explain how to write a Business Case

Key Benefit

  • A skilled training expert that will show you how to use proper channels of communication to write business cases, business proposals and effective messages

Topics Include

  • How to choose the proper channel of communication
  • Tips to improve business writing
  • Types of business communication
  • Writing business cases and business proposals
  • Planning for writing meeting announcements including format
  • Using active voice, spell check, proofreading, hyperlinks
  • When to use CC and BCC
  • Writing meeting announcements including format
  • Sandwich method

Bonus Materials

  • Article on handling argumentative emails
  • Rate yourself as a meeting leader

You Also Receive

  • Structured interactive experience to help you learn and retain
  • Convenience of joining the event from any computer or mobile device with internet connection
  • Handouts and references to print and share
  • Complimentary lifetime updates on this topic

Your Avant Expert

Susan Schoenfeld has over 20 years of corporate experience, particularly in the legal arena. She worked at Baker & McKenzie as a Professional Development & Performance Management Consultant. She spent over eleven years as Professional Development Director for 1,000 attorneys at Foley & Lardner LLP. Susan has provided seminars and worked as a consultant and coach for Fortune 500 companies as well as Associations and professional groups throughout the Midwest.

Effective Business Writing

Recording - $199.00


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