Employee Mental Illness

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  • Jan 24, 2018
  • 03:00 PM EST
  • 75 minutes

Learn how to identify and handle employee mental illness as a disability with an emphasis on ADA, ADAAA, FMLA, GINA, and EEOC through symptoms exhibited by your employees.

Do you know Erin Exhausted, Larry Latetowork or Victor Violent?  People like these show up to work every day, or miss work on a regular basis, either way causing disruption and reducing productivity. The U.S. National Comorbidity Survey found that 1 out 6 of those employed reported experiencing symptoms of mental illness in the previous month. It's a $100 billion problem and also a management opportunity for knowledgeable, discerning business leaders. The 217 million lost workdays reported each year should be motivation to help employees better manage their mental healthcare.

What if you could do a better job assisting employees in distress or removing unproductive team members? Using case studies and compelling scenarios from real life, employment law expert Melissa Fleischer will teach you how to recognize when employee mental health is affecting your workplace.

Learning Objectives

  1. Mental illness and violence at work
  2. Alphabet soup - ADA, ADAAA, FMLA, GINA, EEOC
  3. What constitutes a psychiatric disability
  4. Interactive process and mental illness
  5. When and when not to provide reasonable accommodation
  6. Confidentiality the risks of negligence in hiring and retention of mentally ill
  7. Your learning scenarios: meet Debbie Downinthedumps and her friends!

Key Benefit

  • This training will guide you to formulate a process to determine how to handle employees who desperately need management intervention - whether they need to be terminated or accommodated under the ADA

Topics Include

  • Illness with NO warnings - Unlike a physical disability that may be permanent, shifts in mental health can trigger and recede without warning
  • Hidden disabilities - not every person experiencing mental illness will have difficulty at work, but hidden disabilities can affect a person's ability to perform his or her job tasks
  • Employers can't always know what a person is living with - there may be limitations due to medication, or a flexible schedule needed for the person to attend therapy appointments
  • Every person is unique and has different needs - options for mental health accommodations
  • Exploring accommodations - you may learn that a job change is needed after exploring the process of accommodation. Most accommodations in the workplace can be established with little or no cost.

Bonus Materials

  • Mental illness accommodation guide
  • Psychiatric Disabilities-EEOC

You Also Receive

  • 1.25 continuing education credit hours- HRCI, SHRM
  • Personal answers tailored to your questions and situations
  • Convenience of attending from office, home or mobile device

Your Avant Expert

Melissa Fleischer is an employment law attorney with many years experience. She is President and Founder of HR Learning Center, LLC. Ms. Fleischer has successfully represented numerous clients in employment discrimination litigation. She has also provided in-house employment law and human resource training to many of her clients on various employment law topics such as FMLA, ADA, and labor relations. She is nationally recognized as an expert in her field.

Employee Mental Illness

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