Defending Unemployment Claims

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  • May 31, 2017 (Recording)
  • 75 minutes

Former employees frequently file for unemployment benefits when they are not legally entitled to do so. While the costs to employers may seem like a major issue, there are risks that go beyond an increase in the employer's insurance premiums.

In some states, valid personal causes can result in the payment of benefits which render smaller employers vulnerable. Workers do not pay into the unemployment system contrary to the notion that one of the withholding items in an employee paycheck is similar to an insurance payment, entitling them to unemployment benefits.

This training will provide guidelines and policies to help non-attorneys avoid and contest unjustified claims and protect their company against frivolous lawsuits.

Learning Objectives

  1. Why and when to contest unemployment claims
  2. Effective defenses and employer response
  3. Documenting and preparing a hearing brief
  4. Avoiding claims with proper policies

Key Benefit

  • Employers will learn how to create and implement effective policies and procedures for handling unemployment claims

Topics Include

  • How benefits are determined state-to-state
  • Misconduct - the most common defense
  • Outline for presenting evidence
  • The relationship between unemployment claims and wrongful discharge claims

Bonus Materials

    Federal unemployment insurance weekly claims- Statistics
    Avoiding and defending against unemployment claims checklist

You Also Receive

  • 1.25 continuing education credit hours (as applicable)
  • Personal answers tailored to your questions and situations
  • Convenience of attending from office, home or mobile device

Your Avant Expert

Melvin Patterson is an attorney and counselor with two decades of experience. As general counsel to a group of financial service companies with an elite global clientele, he lead the legal and compliance practice at Phoenician. Since joining the firm, he has advised a multi-national management on a wide variety of issues including commercial transactions; legal and regulatory interpretation.

Defending Unemployment Claims

Recording - $199.00


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