Workplace Investigations

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  • Nov 30, 2017
  • 03:00 PM EST
  • 75 minutes

Complaints of harassment and other specific types of workplace misconduct mandate that employers conduct a prompt and thorough investigation. Failure to investigate in a timely manner or not following procedure in an investigation can open the door to costly litigation.

In this live online training, we focus on the essentials for first-time and experienced investigators. You will understand when an investigation is required, how to conduct it, who should conduct it, how to keep records and how to write your report.

Following a process is key to executing a successful and legally compliant investigation. This concise online training will introduce you to the fundamentals and provide guidelines to conducting and reporting your next workplace investigation.

The workplace investigation report is the culmination of any investigation of the six types of employee misbehavior that OSHA requires you to investigate. Do you know the six types? Do you have an investigation process? Do you have a template for writing the findings of the investigation?In this live online training, we begin with the end in mind. You will receive guidance on how to write a report, what to include, what to exclude, and a template for doing so. We will walk through the process of conducting a successful investigation. 


  • Why investigations are important
  • Employers' legal obligations
  • Risks
  • Court decisions
  • Your investigative plan

Areas Covered

  • Legal pitfalls to avoid when conducting investigations
  • Privacy Issues: cases on reasonable expectation of privacy
  • Discussion of cases where flawed Investigations by HR were costly for employers
  • How to handle he said-she said scenarios
  • Tips on presenting your HR investigative report to upper management
  • Preparing for litigation: preparation for testifying

Bonus Materials

  • Investigative report guide
  • Investigative report template

You Also Receive

  • Personal answers tailored to your questions and situations
  • Ability to attend from office, home or mobile device

Who Will Benefit

  • HR department
  • Top management
  • Compliance officers
  • In-house counsel
  • Anybody involved in an investigation

Your Avant Expert

Melissa Fleischer has successfully represented numerous clients in employment discrimination litigation as well as providing preventive counseling and training on workplace issues. She is a frequent lecturer on sexual harassment training, diversity training, FMLA/ADA training and workplace violence prevention training. She is also a Chapter Editor for the FMLA Treatise that published by BNA. Ms. Fleischer earned a Juris Doctor degree from The National Law Center at the George Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts degree, cum laude, from New York University.

Workplace Investigations

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