Cybersecurity - Anti-Phishing Software

Cybersecurity - Anti-Phishing Software

 More than 90 percent of data breaches in small businesses happen due to human error - when employees unwittingly open an email attachment that contains malware. Such emails are part of a cybercrime scheme called phishing, a fraudulent practice where the hacker sends emails resembling those from a reputable source, with the purpose of illegally accessing the targets’ password, credit card number and other sensitive information.

Firewalls and spam filters are simply not enough to keep your data from being compromised according to Cybersecurity attorney Robert Brownstone. “Training the human firewall should be a crucial part of your cyber threat security plan,” he said in a recent webinar held by Avant Resources. Brownstone gave examples of several softwares that could be purchased or downloaded for free depending upon the size of the company. PhishMe Free is a phishing defense software solution that is available as a free download for small companies with under 500 employees. It uses simulated email campaigns to condition employees to be resilient to phishing attacks. 

Training employees to not open suspicious emails or forwarding them to the IT department is part of a human shield that can help avoid major data breaches.

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