Business Meetings: Shorter is Better

Live Online Training 

Wednesday, February 22nd at 11:30am CT

Duration: 75 minutes


People who enjoy meetings shouldn't be in charge of anything. -- Thomas Sowell

If you hate business meetings, good. You might have what it takes to transform these time-wasters.

It is estimated that 11 million meetings are held daily in the U.S. On average, nine people attend, three consider it a complete waste of time and $338 of salaried time is expended. Most meetings are scheduled at 11 a.m., expand to fill the 30 minute or 1 hour time blocks on electronic calendars and they run long. Less than 1% of meetings last less than 30 minutes!

People love to complain about meetings, but, unlike the weather, you can do something about them. In this live online training, you will experience examples, processes and tools that will transform your unproductive meetings into beacons of clarity, decision and action. Based on the best techniques drawn from multiple sources, you will be fully engaged by this one-hour master course and learn skills that you can apply immediately to your own situation.



  1. How to avoid unnecessary meetings
  2. The only 5 types of meetings worth having and the right agenda for each
  3. How to plan meetings and make sure attendees are prepared
  4. Staying on track by stopping counterproductive behavior
  5. Measuring, achieving and reporting results


Key Take-Aways

  • Doomed Meetings: Key Learnings from Failure
  • Best Practices in Agenda Design
  • Timeline: What to Do Before and After Every Meeting
  • How to Stimulate Questions and Participation
  • The Importance of Rhythm to Meeting Success
  • Appyling SMART Practices to Your Meeting Action Items 


Bonus Materials

  • Better Business Meeting Guide
  • Agenda Designs for Meetings That Matter
  • Post-Meeting Follow-up Template


Your Avant Expert: Lynsi Long

Lynsi Long, Education Marketing Director for Avant Resources, specializes in designing and facilitating meetings for education and marketing. Her previous experience includes sales leadership and training roles with Kaplan Education and All State Insurance. She holds a Masters of Education in Corporate Training & Knowledge Management

Better Business Meetings

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