Dashboards in Excel

Examples, Tools and Techniques

Tuesday, Febrauary 21st at 12:30pm ET

(11:30am CT, 10:30am MT, 9:30am PT)

Duration: 75 minutes


Dashboards top the wish list of every information-overloaded knowledge worker. Who doesn't want to manipulate data with less time and effort? But your dashboard is not the same as mine. Specialized dashboard software is both complicated and expensive.

However, a powerful business intelligence tool is living on your desktop, if you just knew how to unleash its power. Microsoft Excel can create powerful, insightful, visual reports that update themselves and keep you and your team focused on what matters. 

Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA, will show you how to use native Excel features to summarize and display mountains of information in a few clicks. This live Internet-based training is hands-on, with templates and worksheets that let you apply the techniques for yourself.


Learning Objectives

  1. Understanding dashboards by using Excel to gather and summarize the right data
  2. Reviewing how to maintain self-updating links to databases, spreadsheets, text files, and other data sources
  3. How to create dynamic and interactive graphs


Selected Topics You Will Cover

  • When and how to use PivotTable
  • Microsoft Query for self-updating links to databases, spreadsheets, text files, and other data sources
  • Using Slicers to control multiple pivot tables and charts
  • Sparklines for tiny, in-cell charts great for revealing trends
  • Linked Pictures to place pivot tables that place pivot tables in proximity without posing conflicts


Benefits and Bonuses

  • Downloadable sample workbooks and templates you can review before the training
  • Structured, interactive experience to help you learn and retain your knowledge
  • Submit your own questions for consideration and response
  • Complimentary lifetime updates on this training
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back


David H. Ringstrom, CPA, is one of the world's best trainers in the use of Microsoft Excel. He can tell you whether Excel is the right solution for your problem, how to manage your data in Excel automatically, how to display information effectively and how to use advanced tools that make Excel the Swiss army knife of office software.

How to Create Dashboards in Excel

Live Recording Only - $199.00

Price: No additional charge


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