Putting in the “Work’ in Teamwork:

How Can You Promote Teamwork Within Your Business?

 Tuesday March 28th, 2017 @ 12:30pm EST


While HR departments have traditionally focused on individual employees—recruiting them, developing them and assessing their performance—we are seeing the advent of a new capability, one of developing team intelligence, or the practice of understanding what makes great teams deliver exceptional results. Ashley Goodall, Senior Vice President of Leadership and Team Intelligence at Cisco, says, “One of the big misses in HR has been our nearly exclusive focus on individual development and performance. At Cisco, we noted great accomplishments are delivered through teams, not just through individuals working alone. This led to our insight that an individual employee’s experience is really their team experience and this is different for everyone.” So the goal is to put the lens of team dynamics on the entire HR process. Already we are seeing innovations in this area, as noted by Eric Mosley CEO of Globoforce. Mosley predicts more companies will provide only 98% of an employee’s total compensation. The rest will be crowd-sourced by the team in the form of a series of micro-bonuses. Look for more crowd-based pay as a vehicle to reward top performers.

2016 marked the first year that gen Z is in the workplace, while a third of millennials are in management roles, some of whom have direct reports. 2017 will mark the first full year that gen Z will be settled into the workplace, with a new outlook on business, new demands and widening the technology gap even more between younger and older workers. A new study found that 78% of gen Zs and millennials said that their expectations of their current workplace have been met, and their education actually did prepare them for the working world. A different study found that 36% of millennials have a manager title or above yet the Harvard Business Review found that only 7% of companies have accelerated leadership programs to nurture them. Just like with all generations studied, millennials negatively stereotype gen Zs as being lazy, which will cause some friction. Both generations will continue to put pressures on companies to transform the office, reward employees, embrace flexibility, and align the companies interests with a cause.

Key Take-aways From This 75-Minute Webinar

  • What to look for if a team isn’t working 
  • How to be a more effective team leader
  • Skills to provide effective feedback for team members 
  • How to build a team and keep your team motivated
  • How to fill the role of a delegator in your team 
  • How to solve problems within a group  


Bonus Materials


  • How to Solve Problems using Dewey’s Reflective Thinking Method Handout
  • – A checklist to be a reasonable problem solver
  • Team Building Without Time Wasting: A Case Study
  • – A 6-page case study for situational team building exercises



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Your Avant Resources Expert: Susan Schoenfeld

 Susan Schoenfeld has over 20 years of corporate experience, particularly in the legal arena. She worked at Baker & McKenzie as a Professional Development & Performance Management Consultant. She spent over eleven years as Professional Development Director for 1,000 attorneys at Foley & Lardner LLP. Susan has provided seminars and worked as a consultant and coach for Fortune 500 companies as well as Associations and professional groups throughout the Midwest.

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