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Mastering Excel

David RingstromDavid H. Ringstrom, CPA, is one of the world's best trainers in the use of Microsoft Excel. He can tell you whether Excel is the right solution for your problem, how to manage your data in Excel automatically, how to display information effectively and how to use advanced tools that make Excel the Swiss army knife of office software.

Labor and Employment

Brent BallowBrent Ballow, Esq., has over 25 years of experience in labor and employment matters. His experience includes union elections, wrongful discharge cases, discrimination and EEOC claims. He is a popular trainer and public speaker and co-founder of Avant Resources. He believes properly training front-line supervisors is the employer's best defense against employment claims.

Professional Image

David RingstromMandi Stanley, Certified Speaking Professional, is an expert in cultivating professional image through communication skills such as public speaking, presentation, and business writing. She believes leadership and motivation start with clear communication.

Administrative Processes

Donna Gilliland Donna Gilliland helps businesses maximize mobile, office and social technologies. She provides productivity training in Microsoft Office, mobile productivity applications including OneDrive, Google Drive, Evernote, social media, iPad and iPhone. She holds a wide range of certifications including Microsoft Office Master and Social Media Management.

Employee Relations

Wes PruettWes Pruett, professional business coach, consults professionals on topics such as conflict management, training, and a variety of HR solutions. His goal: help you efficiently and effectively manage HR issues so you can focus on your core business. “I’ll give you valuable advice while also guiding you to find the best solutions on your own."