Garrett Wasny

Garrett Wasny, MA, CMC (Certified Management Consultant), CITP (Certified International Trade Professional) is an award-winning author, speaker and professional development consultant (and former management consultant for Price Waterhouse) in Vancouver, Canada.

His specialty is web productivity consulting for accountants, lawyers and other professional service providers.

Garrett is the author of two books, World Business (published by McGraw-Hill in New York) and How to Conquer the World (published by Government Institutes in Washington, D.C.). He is co-author of Using the Web to Compete in a Global Marketplace (published by John Wiley and Sons in New York). Garrett has also published more than 100 articles on Internet and global trade topics for scores of leading business magazines and media outlets including NBC News Chicago, the Financial Post, Business in Vancouver, Backbone, World Trade, Trade and Commerce, Access Americas, Pacific Coast Trade, Global Production and Expansion Management.

Since 1995, he has delivered more than 600 in-person presentations and webinars on Internet topics to leading corporations, industry associations, and business events across North America and Europe. His clients include leading accounting and legal organizations such as CPE Link, Thomson Reuters Audit Watch, Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Saskatchewan, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario, Certified General Accountants of British Columbia, Certified General Accountants of Alberta, Association of Women in Finance, Davis LLP and many more professional associations and firms across North America.


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