Momolu A. Cooper

Momolu A. Cooper is an Executive Account Manager at HudsonMann. He supports federal contractors towards compliance in all industries. Better known as "Cooper", he has successfully represented contractors during OFCCP Compliance Evaluations at all offices throughout the United States. Through training, onsite audits and consultation, Cooper assists organizations with the development of their Affirmative Action Programs in accordance with OFCCP regulations (as amended).

Sheila Krejci

Sheila Krejci, M Ed HRD inspires leaders at all levels to influence their audiences to ACTION!

Integrating foundational adult learning theory with practical application that leaves participants invigorated, is the hallmark of Sheila’s engaging style with audiences herself. Her transformational workshops have guided attorneys, health care and finance professionals, engineers, government and corporate leaders and public speakers in multiple industries to integrate foundational adult learning theory, current brain research into the design of their presentations for maximum impact and behavior change.

Donna Gilliland

Donna Gilliland is an award-winning instructor in her field and the Founder of MOSTraining, Inc. Donna’s company provides workforce development training and consulting in Office and Social Media technologies.

Sherry Darden

Sherry Darden is a pioneering force in the ever-evolving human resources, communications, and effective management revolution. With over 14 years of experience as a trainer, she brings 'Common Sense thinking' on the most sensitive and technical topics to participants from Texas to Toronto. 

Zane Kinney

Zane Kinney has spent his entire adult life in the protection field.  His background exceeds 25 years in Law Enforcement, Loss Prevention, Corporate Investigations, Physical Security, Private Investigations & Forensics.  He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Licensed Private Investigator in the State of Georgia, and the Principle Consultant for Astinel Security & Forensics.  Zane sits on the board of the Atlanta Chapter of Certified Fraud Examiners and frequently speaks on Fraud Prevention in the Workplace.

Andrew Gwynn

Andrew Gwynn is co-owner of Compliant Background Chex, a Texas-based Consumer Reporting Agency.  He is also a partner in HRFix, an HR best practices company that has been advising employers nationwide on all aspects of HR compliance since 1990.  Both companies help managers, directors, and business owners design HR programs that will stand up to scrutiny from government agencies.   His desire to help decision makers understand the complicated and seemingly contradictory employment laws comes from his own experiences as a small business owner and entrepreneur.