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Welcome to Reinvention

Training is more important than ever. Changes keep coming faster and faster. People have to learn on the job. In fact, they demand it. Providing employee training is a welcome benefit, whether for onboarding, cross-training, compliance or skills enhancement. At the same time, most companies expect employees to take initiative for their own training. The days of the centralized Training Department are numbered. After nine years in the online training business, we realized it was time to reinvent ourselves.

Avant Resources was among the first companies to focus on webinar training as the delivery system for continuing professional education in disciplines including HR, Law, Accounting and Health Care Management. Times have changed. With the pace of the Internet we have seen dozens of competitors come into the online training market. Some we inspired, others saw a business model they felt they could emulate easily. Unfortunately, customers haven't benefited as much as they deserve.

There are too many companies promoting the same training, often the same trainers, with little thought to what customers really need.

We talked to customers and listened. We did research and looked at our competitors. Our conclusion was the word "continuing" somehow gets left out of the equation when people talk about continuing professional education. My first clue was when the umpteenth customer called for support because their login name or email was already taken. In most cases, they had purchased from us before, had an OK experience. And. Then. Forgot about it.

They or their employer had invested $200 or more but couldn't recall, a few months later, they had even made the purchase, let alone where to go to download it again or seek related content and support.

At the same time, email newsletters and promotional "blasts" -- once the norm -- have become less effective. There's too much mass email. People tune it out. Yet, email remains the most effective way to reach business users, unless they agree to let you text them. That's only for trusted relationships. More on that later.

So we asked ourselves:

  • What if we could do what learners say they want and need, and do it better than anyone?
  • What if learners had one place to go where all their learning would be safe, secure, easy to access, and automatically updated as things change. Which they do, by the way
  • What if we sent less email?
  • What if the email we did send was always targeted and related specifically to training they had purchased or requested?
  • What if these email updates were free for life, and put "continuing" back into the phrase "continuing education?"
  • What if we made it easy for people to share knowledge and ask questions from trainers, any time, before, during  or after a live learning event?
  • What if we made it easy for companies to engage with trainers, and helped them do it,  so they could benefit from consutling, custom program development, keynote speaking?
  • What if we screened for only the best trainers and provided them with a moderated teaching format like a real-life lab, where lessons are well-organized and broken up by hands-on activities that stimulate understanding and recall? And might even be fun...
  • What if we strived for first-name familiarity with our students and trainers, making them feel welcome appreciated and valued?
  • What if we could also provide efficient, scalable, measurable, mobile-ready training courses to help companies train their entire workforce, not just the lucky few with the time and budget toi attend live online training?

Those are some questions that brought us to thinking about what we call Avantivity.

It's our learning process to engage learners, inspire trainers, promote knowledge retention and foster a long-term learning community.

We're just getting started. Thanks for joining us. And please let me know how we're doing!

Shaun Carrigan

CEO,  Avant Resources 










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